On Street and Open Parking

The On Street and Open parking system will have following components:

  • Surface/Underground Sensors
  • Pay stations, Entry/Exit Boom Barriers, ANPR, Entrance Displays, etc.
  • Gateway connected to surface sensors
  • Parking Guidance App

Indoor Parking and Guidance System

A Parking Guidance System (PGS) have different elements:

  • Ultrasonic detectors.
  • Forward mounting sensors.
  • LED indicators.
  • The Zone control unit (ZCU) (aka Node Controller), is the middle layer of parking ultrasonic detector, which is to manage a group of ultrasonic detectors, One node controller can support 60 detectors in max.
  • Central controller unit (CCU).
  • Indoor and outdoor LED display.
  • Parking Guidance System management software, an electronic map of the parking space is embedded in the software, which can directly reflect the usage situation of the car park in real time.

Overall Parking System Architecture

System Benefits

  • Enables drivers to find vacant parking spaces near to them
  • Accurate real-time updates from sensors
  • Real time parking guidance display system, Outdoor LED display system to facilitate the drivers.
  • Guide the driver to find the parking space more efficiently and conveniently.
  • Optimize the use of car parking spaces, Shorter vacant slot search time.
  • Prevent a long queue of cars from forming at the entrance and exit points.
  • Record of all parked vehicles with its entry and exit time.
  • Revenue based and Number plates based reporting of the vehicles.
  • Point of sale system for recharging the smart cards and tags.
  • Automatic entry blocking when the parking space is full.
  • Fully integrated into Smart Parking solution – attendant handheld, payment infrastructure, pay-by-phone application