Solution brief

  • Individual employees will be provided smart cards, which can work as their ID cards, access cards as well as cash cards in canteen.
  • Touch screen based kiosk with integrated smart card readers or barcode scanners will be placed at the Point-of-sales (POS) inside the canteen with very user-friendly software to select the meals from various options.
  • Smart Card readers will be integrated in Kiosk POS for employees to show their cards and use the canteen.
  • Receipt Printers will also be integrated in Kiosk POS to generate receipts of the canteen usage by the employee.
  • Employees come to the Kiosk POS show their cards and select the meal that they want to have. Printer prints the receipt and the employees can take the receipt, go to the service counter, handover the receipt and take the meal.
  • A canteen management application helps increase customer visibility to the canteen usage and avoids wastage of canteen items.

CMS Hardware

  • Touch Screen Kiosk
  • Integrated Smart Card Reader
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner
  • Integrated Receipt Printers
  • Interactive CMS Application