Business Requirement & Challenges:

  • Poor stock and location controls -Can’t find stock for customer orders?
  • Poor Picking productivity, which is driving additional labor, costs.
  • Work Overtime to meet customer order shipments?
  • Shipment mismatch/wrong shipment to customer.
  • Poor people productivity.
  • No visible floor controls for Input and output product flows?

RFID is required to efficiently Track and locate the boxes/cartons stored in Warehouse at different rack locations on a real-time basis, it provides automation of various activities in Warehouse like receiving, storing and shipping. The system is used to make sure that the correct cargo is shipped to the correct customer. Integration of the information with Backend ERP system with respect to the event happening at the warehouse it will provide all the information at the Control center.

Inventory Tracking for Warehouse & Stores

Solution Components

  • The real time Vehicle Access Control system uses the RFID Technology to control the entry/exit of the vehicle in the premises automatically.
  • The system will validate the authorized vehicle by capturing the RFID tag data wirelessly & perform necessary operation.
  • As soon as the vehicle with an issued tag comes in the RF zone of the reader placed at the entry point, the tag gets automatically detected.
  • Once the RFID antenna captures the RFID Tag system verified with the existing record & verifies the employee/visitor/contractor details, if validation successful the system allows the entry/exit and boom barrier will be operated automatically.
  • All these transactions are recorded in the local database for the reporting purpose.

Benefits of system:

  • Deter unauthorized vehicle entry
  • Vehicle movement can be tracked
  • Calculate the total time of vehicle inside the premises
  • Hands free Boom Barrier operations.
  • Record and archive all events in real time.
  • Alerts the security & control room of unauthorized vehicle movement.
  • Hands-free, quick and automatic identification
  • Gives automatic notification when a vehicle crosses the reader location
  • Provides full inventory history of the vehicles
  • No line of sight required between the tag and the reader
  • Accurate and instant identification of the tag, Not affected by the time /weather
  • Tags carry specific details of the vehicles in-addition to the identification number
  • Eliminates manual record keeping, thereby increasing accuracy & productivity
  • Reduce error rate coming in from manual execution of tasks over a period of time
  • 24×7 up and running systems without any lag or delay in service