3G Mobile Surveillance Solution

System Architecture


  • Fleet
  • Military
  • Security along Country Borders
  • Commercial


H.264 Video Server and a 3G SIM card to transmit video and GPS information wirelessly.

High Quality and Smooth Video Streaming Over 3G Network stays uninterrupted in a high speed train.

Integrated Wi-Fi, VoIP and RF Alarm Sensor to Keep the Control Center In the Know.

When the vehicles are on the go, the Control Center receives rich information from various sources, WiFi, VoIP and RF alarm sensor, which gives the Control Center the best knowledge of all situations.

Control Center


Enable the users to view 4 channels of D1 real-time images of any device and its GPS location via Internet.


Supports the world map and allows multiple registered devices to be displayed on the world map.

Event Log List

The Control Center receives alarm events at a real time basis and keeps all event logs for future reviews.

Drivers can press the Emergency Button on the device to notify the Control Center any emergency which needs attention immediately.
Device Tree
Displays all registered devices at a glance and query via a tree-display design.

DMS(Data Management System)

GPS Data Bank
Stores the GPS data of all devices.
Client Management
Allows the inquiries of clients.
Device Management
Stores IP address and the logins of all devices.
Device Grouping
Allows users to group the devices and traces their status (on and offline)